FOR SALE: Used Revolution Evaporator

The Sawtooth Mountain Maple Syrup Company is selling their old evaporator!
This Oil fired (#2 fuel oil) stainless steel evaporator has many more seasons of life to give, and it will cover all your syrup making needs in one full-sized rig at a fraction of the cost. See more photos below and send us an email here to make an appointment:
Great for entry level or for the next-level-up sugar maker!
Here’s what you get:
Arch, 6’w x 16’lg with firebrick
Rear oil stack, has a wide base with 20 feet of stack.
Steam-away unit, 6’w x 10’lg, interior light, blower, acrylic view-ports and float-box 
Steam-away hood, 6’w x 10’lg, with sliding access doors.
Flue-pan, 6’w x 10’lg, float-box and site glass, made by Algier Co.
Revolution style Front Pan, 6’w x 6’lg, with float-box and draw-off pipe.
Steam hood for over syrup pan, 6’w x 6’lg with Plexiglas flip-down sides.
Various connective piping
Not included:
Flue pan steam stack
Syrup pan steam stack
801 Carlin Burners
Automatic draw-off
Steam-away support and lift kit.
$6,200.00 – Or best reasonable offer.

You haul.