Spring Weather Whiplash

Hello everyone …

The weather hasn’t cramped our style, but winter sure can wear on. Spring spout pulling on our farm commenced six days ago and we have another 4 – 6 days to go before we wrap up the 2019 season. Today’s snow storm, which carried the potential to drop a foot, produced the perfect reason to take a break. So here’s a little update:

Here’s an important facebook post from the IRRRB about Business Energy refit program featuring the Sawtooth Maple Syrup companies new Evaporator.

There have been some fabulous days to be working outside. Spring observations show Blood-root making it’s appearance along with fiddle head ferns. Birds of many varieties not normally seen in the winter watch us as we scurry through the forest racing the black-fly bloom.

What’s most obvious however, is the rush of water in the creeks and valleys that we work. Wednesday was a day spent working a hillside facing the Poplar River. Quite the roar pervading our minds to the tune of a spring rush and the onset of summer.

Enjoy this little video I shot a few years ago of the Cascade River storming it’s way down to Lake Superior. Illustrated with music by Kenny Logins and Jim Messina – “Watching the River Run”. Enjoy your weekend!